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برنامج الزملاء الناشئين-2020-2019 الدورة السادسة

Faculties & Departments

Helwan university has 20 faculties and 2 institutes, it has unique faculties in its history as Applied Arts and in its disciplines as Music education, fine arts, physical education…..etc.

Summer School

Summer School in Egyptian Cultural Heritage    General aim  ▪ To raise the international profile of helwan University and contribute to its international ranking.

Opportunities (Study)

IRO supports HU community through dissemination of fund& mobility opportunities for Faculty staff, academic researchers, administrators and students. Also the office


IRO seeks collaboration with International partners in order to build partnerships database  & MOUs through identifying the potential strategic partners 

Printed Materials

HELWAN PROFILE   IRO has quarterly newsletter for the international activities and achievements: Jan- March April- June July- Sep.( volume 2) Oct- Dec( Volume 1)

Running Projects

There are many running projects between helwan university and its participants in many fields and all specialties. helwan university have following running projects 

Academic Mobility

Acadmic Mobility Division The division aims at empowering the capabilities of university community members to join mobility programs for teaching and training, In addition to brining in international expertise

International Fund

International Fund Division   The division deals with the following categories: – International Fund Donors     • Searching for fund agencies    • Pursuing fund schemes     • Dissemination – Researchers     • Establishing database for scholars 

Partnerships & Networking

Partnership and Network Division (PND) – Manual.pdf The division aims at building and activating current and potential partnerships & networks and introducing them to the university community through the following:

Global Partners

Helwan university has many participants among the world and cooperates in all specialists and exchange the cultures between them. Click down link to view global participants.

Promotion & Engagement

Promotion and Engagement Division – Manual.pdf The division deals with all promotion activities for the international relation office to engage. with professional community through video advertising, info sessions, promotional products,

Fund Agency

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“زيدان” تلقي كلمة مصر بمنتدى “باكو الإنساني”

مثلتْ الدكتورة منى عبد الغني زيدان عامر، المدرس بكلية التربية الموسيقية جامعة حلوان، ومنسق وحدة التصنيف الدولي بالجامعة، وممثل الكلية بمكتب العلاقات الدولية بالجامعة، مصر في “منتدى باكو الدولي الإنساني السادس” تحت عنوان “تشكيل عالم جديد وإنسانية جديدة: الإبداع والتنمية البشرية”، الذي أقيم مؤخرا بالعاصمة الأذربيجانية باكو، تحت رعاية رئيس جمهورية أذربيجان “إلهام علييف” والحكومة الأذربيجانية. وشاركت “زيدان” نخبة من أبرز المشاهير على مستوى العالم في المجال السياسي والعلمي والثقافي، والفائزين…

Fulbright – Junior Faculty Development Program

ERASMUS and Workshop Helwan

Cardiff Students Honoring

Helwan university honored the first successful mobility exchange group after their successful study visit in Cardiff metropolitan university for 9 months.

International Relations Office – Helwan University

Helwan University (HU) was established in 1975 over 350 acres of land. It is the youngest of 3 major governmental universities in Cairo the Capital of Egypt. It is located about 25 km south to the capital Cairo in the heart of the industrial district of Helwan which includes the largest civil and military industrial centers in the country. This has put a greater responsibility on HU to become an active national player in promoting entrepreneurial education,…

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